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Fantasy rock-opera «Road Without Return» by sympho-rock group «ESSE» by Andrzej Sapkowski’s Wiedzmin. English translate 14-th scene of Rock-Musikal. «The liberation»

The liberation

Yennefer, Lara

I’m waiting for you…


Through doubts,

Yennefer, Lara

I’m waiting for you…


The heart leads me,

Yennefer, Lara

I’m waiting for you…


Without regret,

Yennefer, Lara

I’m waiting for you…

Geralt, Vilgefortz

When there is a spring in the soul.


Left for a castle buried somewhere
In the mountains by the end of the earth,
I rushed invisible piercing with stiletto
Innumerable leagues and grey days.
The enchanter that disappeared from the distant island,
The enemy and traitor living on loan
With a cunning fraud attracting to his lair,
He could catch the queen of the winter.

Lara, Cregennan

In the dark jail he closed enchantress
In order to catch like roach on a fishhook
The daughter of elder blood, confidant of misfortune
That will come to succour the queen.


Here is already the castle, a stairway was broke,
There are blind failures of loopholes in the walls.
And through the arc the horsewoman flies,
Dead flares with flame between eyelashes.
A black mare’s rash patter,
A lunge with sword and a watchman was killed,
In that time in the underground jail
I broke out the door and

That his soul gave to chaos,
Your world will know
That the lord lost out in the game with dead.


Is Yennefer here too? There is an enviable set,
It will be a jolly gang.
You helped me to find Cirilla,
Your destiny is desperation now.
Me elaine luned, zirael, va vort, the destination came true,
Don’t think about world, it is doomed,
Don’t make a muddle of a star with reflection.


The world isn’t rescued at slavery’s cost,
You will not receive me alive!
Today comes an eternal rest, die!
It will be better without you!


Breaking fetters ex-prisoner


A possibility to make a magic came back.


With a doubled force multiplied by my sword


The enemy was sent in nonexistence.


Va faill, luned, va faill! (Farewell, girl, farewell!)


Through lightning blaze, through dead
And through fear, going with sword-blade through melting pot,


Love became a stone in destiny millstones,
Love as always won.

Chorus and all heroes

The cruel enchanter fell with handful of ash,
Magic crumbled, the castle was destroyed.
Hand in hand we will go in timeless,
We need nobody in the world more.
A victory taste paid with friends’ blood
A freedom taste but with dead smell.
And the legend about Ciri lives so long
As somebody of us believes in it.

Translated by Ksenija Bobrysheva mailto: FlugZug@yandex.ru

Англоязычный перевод текста либретто четырнадцатой сцены фэнтези рок мюзикла «Дорога без возврата» — «Освобождение».
Рок опера «Дорога без возврата» создана симфо-рок группой ESSE (г. Ростов-на Дону) по мотивам саги Анджея Сапковского «Ведьмак». Автор исходного текста композиции — Евгений Пронин. Перевод либретто на английский язык осуществлен Ксенией Бобрышевой FlugZug@yandex.ru.

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"Владычица озера" (Film) Фильм-мюзикл "Дорога без возврата" (Сцена 13)

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У каждого есть план, как оседлать пророчество,
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Ребёнку старшей крови присвоить своё отчество,
Чтоб их крутила мельницу истории река.

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