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Fantasy rock-opera «Road Without Return» by sympho-rock group «ESSE» by Andrzej Sapkowski’s Wiedzmin. English translate 7-th scene of Rock-Musikal. «The seagull’s tower»

The seagull’s tower


A slave, a king and an enchanter,
A hermit and a villain
Are only ashes and dust for everlasting.
Dead is a result of former passions,
The destiny stroke is stronger
For that who dreams to govern world.


A white lie, a way in nowhere,
There is a stars reflection on a pond mirror.

Yennefer and Vilgefortz

It’s not easy to describe the palace by the words of mortals,
Skilful cutting in the stronghold of the grey rocks,
It was built for full due by the hands of the first,
Now it became a house for the board of enchanters


Here are the walls impregnated by the magic and pain,


Here are world fates like chess in the play,


Here they don’t descend to victory through little blood,


Especially through someone else’s blood.


From the Seagull’s tower as from the spider web center
Lead the cobwebs into the royal palaces,
Where revel in illusion of omnipotent
Blind people allotted by false power.


Crowned by the trapping of power,
The powers of nature overmastered,
The impassioned magicians are
Dangerous and ruthless twice.


Machinations, hatred and will to full power
Govern here fates by the ruthless hand.
The board of magicians tried in the machinations
Didn’t resist for treason and war.


Where me… Where me… Where me… Where me…


In the witcher’s castle


Elaine blath! (The floweret!)


The princess raves nightly.


Feainnewedd (The kidling).


The Falka`s inheritance.


Hen Ichaer (The gene of elder blood).


The magic-gift awoke in her.


Ess’tuath esse! (So be it!)


Aen Ithlinnespeath, (Itlina’s prophecy).


Tedd Deireadh. (The contempt time)


The princess should go out into the world,


There is the hunting for her! Aen Seidhe (Elder blood)


The enchanter must teach the princess.

Geralt and Vilgefortz

Ess’tuath esse! (So be it!)


The reckoning is exact,


The reckoning is exact,


The figures are in positions


The move is considered.


The move is considered.


The steel will not waver in the hands.

The history book is writing by blood,
By sword-blade on forgotten grave stones.
The history book is writing by blood,
By sword-blade on forgotten grave stones.


The board palace became the prison and the battle-field.


The dawn colored itself in sanguine.


Dead will not hear the beaten prayers.


The stiletto revels in Bloody tribute.

Lara and Cregennan

The girl was thrown like a prepared trump card
Forth sleeve on the strange

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table of the strange big play,
Like a rightless sacrifice on the not consecrated altar
Of strange magic war.


In the explosions and streams of fiery heat


Out of the seagull’s tower like a water out of hands


The swallow disappeared in the portal shine


That led unknown where


That led unknown where, where, where, where

Translated by Ksenija Bobrysheva mailto: FlugZug@yandex.ru

Англоязычный перевод текста либретто седьмой сцены фэнтези рок мюзикла «Дорога без возврата» — «Башня Чайки».
Рок опера «Дорога без возврата» создана симфо-рок группой ESSE (г. Ростов-на Дону) по мотивам саги Анджея Сапковского «Ведьмак». Автор исходного текста композиции — Евгений Пронин. Перевод либретто на английский язык осуществлен Ксенией Бобрышевой FlugZug@yandex.ru.

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"Пророчество Итлины" (Film) "Дорога без возврата" (Сцена 1)

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Счёт оплачен: бездетность за власть и красу
Жизнь проходит, а после прыжок в пустоту
Недоступное счастье в горячих сердцах ,
Расплывается в бывшей горбуньи глазах.
Отвернись и забудь, победи в себе страх.
Ничего нет страшней чародейки в слезах.

"Королева Зимы. (Йеннифэр)"
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