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Эссе В Контакте

World collapsed,
The light fades.
Flag to mud,
I lost this battle.
Pain gnaws,
Revenge heats.
Death beckons,
Oh, why am I still alive?

Infinity of sorcerer’s guile
Plays with me joking,
I remember his words forever,
He left my life … but he did it in vain

You’re hurt,
You’re crushed.
In a trap
The wolf is bleeding.

But anger
Stings the chest,
Will give strength
To return the blood debt.
Let all worlds are ripped to shreds
And will perish in a sea of fire,
You took two-thirds of my fate
And left my life …

Cast to the wind
Ashes of contempt
What is our salvation?
Only the dust of the ruins around
None can stop game
Of the Dark genius,
Generations of slaves
And the dark night behind him.

Pride sparkles but is it worth to fight,
If you left alone?
They would not criticize you,
The winner will

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not be judged.
All-consuming Chaos,
Knowing no pity, is inexorable.
You’ll flush as bright star
And leaving only ashes and smoke.

Corpse, or a slave,
Decide are you rich or holy.
Decide youself who you are,
Are you a hero or just living.
Death or captivity?
The question in the position of knees.
So choose me, witcher,
If you are not a fool.
Take off the shackles of love
The winner will not be judged.

Without love, without a child,
Only one meaning in life left — to revenge, to revenge …

Vilgefortz + choir

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The collapse of faith,
The decay of will —
Only my cold calculation.
Will give the
required seedlings
Check and mate — the outcome is foregone
I knew that you are silly
You are in your daydreams,
Well, the White Wolf, a friend,
Croak like a homeless dog!
Witcher’s torment are endless,
And here he sealing the heart
Made a wrong choice, as always,
Spared his life …

Let all worlds are ripped to shreds
And will perish in a sea of fire,

I took two-thirds of your fate


+ choir
And he left a life …

But all in vain!
Англоязычный перевод текста либретто девятой сцены фэнтези рок мюзикла «Дорога без возврата» — «Это зря».
Рок опера «Дорога без возврата» создана симфо-рок группой ESSE (г. Ростов-на Дону) по мотивам саги Анджея Сапковского «Ведьмак». Автор исходного текста композиции — Вячеслав Майер.

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"Это зря" (Film) Фильм-мюзикл "Дорога без возврата" (Сцена 9)

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Принцесса, виват! Страх повержен, но знай, отвага лишь глупости следствие!
Ты шла не напрасно, я ждал здесь тебя, ключ к скипетру власти над вечностью.
Я буду владыкой времён и миров, казнить буду, миловать преданных.
Мне будут поклон поколения бить, за то, что живут, хоть и временно.

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